Friday, July 18, 2008

Review of my Catholic Saints Prayer Book

This review comes from Mary Catherine Williams from Kansas:

We are fortunate to have the saints' life stories to encourage us and help us get through each day. This little book, Catholic Saints Prayer Book, carries a big message that the saints were people just like us. I have purchased 20 copies of Catholic Saints Prayer Book. I work at a Catholic hospital and have given them to co-workers and patients. The small size makes it possible for me to carry it with me in my jacket pocket. Sometimes, before I leave a patient's room, I show the book to them, open it, pick a saint randomly and read to them about the saint. I gave the book to a friend who had just had a baby. She used the book to help name her baby girl! This book is faith filled and will certainly inspire those who read it.

Mary Catherine, in my mind is already a saint! She gives out holy cards to patients in the ER at the hospital where she works. She prays with them and for them. She also gives out many of my books to people she knows or whom she meets. I have no doubt that God has placed Mary Catherine at that hospital to bring others hope and prayer. I sincerely hope that I haven't embarrased her in any way with what I have just said- it's just the plain truth!

Thank you, Mary Catherine for your beautiful review!

God bless and hugs,


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