Sunday, May 18, 2008

Good Saint Anthony!

You know that poor St. Anthony is constantly invoked for finding lost items. Actually, I really don't think he minds all of our requests. I call upon him myself quite often. I'll share a little experience we just had yesterday - it's entirely up to you whether you believe it or not. I'm just sharing. This is the kind of thing I usually would keep to myself, however I feel it may help to inspire someone so I will tell you.

My son, Joseph was looking for his car keys. He was absolutely "positive" that he had put them in the same place that he usually puts them whenever he walks in the door. Of course, he also thought that maybe I had moved them while I was tidying up. I assured him that I had not moved them, however I'd be very happy to help him find them. And at that particular time, it was essential that Joseph leave soon or he would be late for a very important appointment.

"Okay, Joseph, say a prayer to Saint Anthony," I said and then I started looking around the general area for the keys and Joseph started looking too.

"Saint Anthony! Saint Anthony!" I called out loud (actually pretty loud), "Could you please help us find Joseph's car keys?"

I distinctly and immediately heard in my head, "They are in the pocket of his jacket."

For a second, I thought, "What jacket and where?"

Immediately, I walked to the closet and said, "Oh! Okay" because I knew exactly what I was to do. I then said to Jesus, "Wow, this would be so great if they are really here."

I opened the door of the closet and put my hand into the pocket of a sweatshirt type jacket that was hanging there amongst the fifteen or more other various jackets in the family closet in our foyer. I grabbed the keys right out of the pocket and yelled to Joseph!

"Joseph! I found them! St. Anthony answered our prayers!"

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