Thursday, May 1, 2008

New review of my "Catholic Saints Prayer Book"

I just found this over at Amazon.Com

By Patrice Fagnant "" (Springfield, MA)

The "Catholic Saints Prayer Book" is a wonderful little book, perfect for carrying in your purse or briefcase so that you can pull it out whenever you need some heavenly intervention. Cooper O'Boyle profiles 32 well-known saints and includes a prayer to each one. There is a remarkable amount of information packed into this book's 80 pages. It is like having a collection of holy cards that you can easily carry with you.

In the introduction, Cooper O'Boyle writes:

"Ultimately, we should see the saints as models of sanctity for us to imitate, as well as tremendous intercessors, helping us when we invoke them. . . Let us invoke the saints often, asking for their holy assistance, even praying along with them, striving to imitate their virtues while praying to become saints ourselves. In doing so, we hope not just to make it to heaven one day, but rather to bring countless souls with us because of our life and how we have loved."

"The Catholic Saints Prayer Book" can certainly help us on our journey to holiness.


Thank you, Patrice! :)

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