Friday, March 14, 2008

Catholic Saints Prayer Book

Catholic Saints Prayer Book

Donna-Marie has done it again! A recurring theme of Pope John Paul the Great, both in preaching and teaching is that all men & women are called to be Saints. He canonized 482 saints and beatified no less than 1,338 others! Three are mentioned in Donna-Marie’s book, “Catholic Saints Prayer Book!”

The human heart longs for heroes and heroines. Throughout human history we have built monuments, established halls of fame, instituted awards nights of past and present men and women who have been held up as worthy of imitation, only to have fallen out of favor.

Donna-Marie has opened the door of eternity to offer a short glimpse at the Church’s Hall of Fame to those who have, “run the race,” gained the prize, and proven themselves tried and true. She has chosen a wonderful array of women and men; past and present, married, single, religious, deacons, priests, bishops, young and not so, that are all worthy of our emulation.

This little treasure is a pearl of piety and insight to move both those who have just become an acquaintance with this band of heavenly hosts and those who are old friends. My hope and prayer is that this inspirational little book may lead those who prayerfully journey through its pages to be encouraged in faithful discipleship, in communion with all those who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith.

As Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI said, “The crisis of our time is the crisis of sanctity!” May this little gem be a answer in part to that crisis! May we entrust this prayer book into the maternal heart of the greatest saint Mary, Queen of Saints.—Fr. Peter Towsley, Pastor St. Ann R. C. Church, Bridgeport, CT

Thank you, Fr. Peter for your very beautiful words!

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