Saturday, March 1, 2008

A "Pit Stop" in Assisi

Dreaming of Assisi...

On the way to Assisi by train.

Finally there!

Remember I told you earlier that when my daughters and I arrived in Assisi we were a little lost? After the two hour train ride, we found out about a bus that would take us up to St. Clare and St. Francis. It was really too cold and windy that day to walk a few miles, plus my daughter, Mary-Catherine and I were in pain from our car accident injuries.

Well, we missed our stop off the bus after trying to ask some of the passengers where to get off. So we got off at the next stop. Oops, wrong place to get off. We walked for a bit and were freezing and a bit frustrated because we had no idea where we were. We found a little Church that I decided looked interesting enough to take a photo of. I also stopped outside it (it was locked) and said a little prayer.

We came upon a little coffee shop and decided to go in and get out of the cold to figure out where we were going -keep in mind that everyone spoke Italian there - except us!

Here's a photo documenting the much needed respite - cappuccino, cheese puffs (very nutritious!), and warmth before we hit the streets again to hoof it to St. Clare. Note the Italian tour book on the table too. :)

Stay tuned for more photos of Assisi, news about our trip and St. Francis of Assisi coming up!

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