Friday, March 7, 2008

Favorite Saints Friday!

This is the first winner in our Favorite Saints' Friday edition. This submitter will receive a signed copy of my new book, Catholic Saints Prayer Book as soon a s they are released in a couple of weeks! Here is her story:

"I am particularly fond of St. Roch. I wear his medal around my neck. According to the story of his life, he was nursed back to health by a dog. My husband and I have had dogs since 1984. We have one left who is almost 14 and is close to leaving us. When we moved from Louisiana in 1996, my friends (knowing how much I love dogs) gave me a gold St. Roch medal reading "We Will Always be Together" on the back. I have kept in touch with these friends and see them every year when I go home. This medal comforts me because it makes me feel close to my friends and my dogs."--Mary Catherine in Kansas

Thank you very much, Mary Catherine. Your reflection may help inspire others to also turn to St. Roch.

Watch each day for new submissions. I will be posting the winners who are the first to send in their personal Saint story or reflection about their favorite Saint. After the series of winning stories are posted here, I will then take all of the future submissions and put them into a monthly drawing to win a signed copy of my book!

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